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Established in May 2017, PTE Helper has evolved into a premier institution for PTE instruction within the Vietnamese community. We offer a diverse range of courses tailored to the needs and proficiency levels of all our students. While we have a robust presence at our primary headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, PTE HELPER has been actively expanding, establishing multiple branches in various cities across both Australia and Vietnam.

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65.7% satisfied about the teacher
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89.2% of students advised to study
97.5% satisfied with practice
96.7% satisfied with the learning environment
75.2% feeling progress
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A few words of introduction The PTE Helper Test Preparation Center

Who Are We?

Established in May 2017, PTE Helper has emerged as a leading center for PTE instruction within the Vietnamese community, offering diverse courses tailored to the needs and levels of all students. While we operate prominently from our main headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, PTE HELPER has also extended its reach by establishing numerous branches across Australia and Vietnam.

Currently, PTE HELPER has connected and accompanied thousands of students in Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, and other countries in realizing their dreams of studying abroad, working, and settling in Australia and New Zealand.

Beyond our core business operations, we also provide support and collaborate with numerous Vietnamese student communities in Australia, serving as a major sponsor for highly ranked universities such as Monash, RMIT, University of Melbourne, La Trobe, Deakin, and the University of Queensland.

PTE Helper offers students flexible learning programs with well-structured and up-to-date course materials from real exam papers. PTE HELPER emphasizes skill-building to help students progress immediately in real exam scenarios and continually enhances the best learning methods to assist students in achieving results in the shortest possible time. We strive to create a favorable and motivating learning environment that fosters students’ motivation to learn.

PTE HELPER provides students with the knowledge, soft skills, time management abilities, self-confidence, and a thirst for learning through the expertise and experience of our highly qualified instructors who deeply understand the PTE exam. These instructors help students understand, apply, and retain the knowledge taught, enabling them to achieve their desired scores quickly.

What Is PTE Academic Certification?
PTE Academic (Pearson’s Test of English Academic) is a popular English language certification for those looking to study abroad, immigrate, or work in English-speaking countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand.

The PTE exam assesses English language proficiency in four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, all conducted through a computerized platform. It is developed and managed by Pearson, one of the leading educational publishers in the United Kingdom.

PTE certification has been recognized by many countries worldwide. It is the ideal alternative to IELTS or TOEFL due to its ease of achieving desired scores, the objectivity of computerized scoring, and quick delivery of results within 24 hours to 5 days.

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