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PTE Coach’s courses offer professionally designed lessons with a singular focus: enhancing students’ English proficiency to achieve their target scores in the PTE Academic examination and preparing them for academic and professional pursuits in any English-speaking country.

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66.6% of students advised to study
94.5% satisfied with practice
77.4% satisfied with the learning environment
68.7% feeling progress

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A few words of introduction The PTE Coach Training Center

PTE – Video on How to Study for PTE

Sometimes, the simplest actions we take are to record a journey towards our goals. To preserve the ‘secrets’ we’ve acquired, fearing that we might forget them over time if we don’t ‘battle’ regularly. One of these actions is creating videos about how to study for the PTE exam.

These videos serve as quick references, allowing us to respond promptly when someone inquires, with comprehensive and detailed explanations, sparing us the effort of repeating ourselves.

These videos are unedited, prepared on the spur of the moment, solely to serve as souvenirs.

Yet, after three years, the view count has surpassed ten thousand, with almost 800 subscribers, and, most importantly, it has helped many individuals achieve their goals. Furthermore, whether the target is 30, 50, 58, 65, or even 79, these methods remain effective. Certain principles apply universally, irrespective of circumstances. Everything has its formula. If you know the method, possess the right tools, and dedicate yourself, success is attainable.

Above all, believing in yourself is the key to achievement.

Today, I leave a link to the video here; who knows, someone might be in need, and it could potentially assist a few individuals in reaching their targets, which would bring immense joy to me.

If the video aids just one person, it’s already a source of happiness for me.

In the future, I hope to find more time to create videos where I review and provide feedback to others, allowing them to learn from my experiences and common mistakes made by other individuals, thereby enhancing their own skills.

  1. Introduction to PTE
  2. Speaking Tips – Read Aloud
  3. Speaking Tips – Repeat Sentence

If you have any questions or need additional information, please message me.

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